Category Moving
Description Selling my house in Raleigh (Brier Creek) and moving back to California. I'm picking up a 16ft truck today and basically just need help loading it.The ideal time for me would be Saturday 3/5. I need everything loaded up and out by Sunday 3/6 at least (hopefully!!) I have almost everything moved into my garage right now and there is a large space at my driveway I can have the truck parked (last house on the row). I'm a big guy but definitely need some help because time consuming with the smaller things, and then a few heavier items I can't do alone, as well as a few pieces from the upstairs loft (2nd floor) I can't manage alone. One item particular is an 84" flat screen that weighs about 300 lbs. (I did manage to get that to the garage already. 2 strong people each side not bad. 3 is nice). 3 would be nice for the remaining items upstairs too. Not really heavy but bulky and I would scratch things up myself surely. (electric fire place, a couch, couple coffee tables?) Mostly just labor back and forth garage --> truck. Also, any "professional" or the best "packaging ideas", for the TV specific, that would be ideal. I'll pay more if needed. So I don't need a truck or anything. Just some people to help me get it loaded up as efficiently and packed as best possible. Don't wanna have the crazy most expensive "fender bender" ever on the ~3k mile journey! 2 people with more time or probably 3 taking less time?The least hassle, the smoother the better. Sounds like you guys are good arranging these. Thank you, Timothy Allen
Equipment Needed none
Sweepers Requested 2
Sweeper Description I think 2 would be suffice but just a few larger items. I'm a big guy. I can help. But a few items are much easier w 3 instead of 2. That being said, I don't wanna pay extra if not needed? But I'm going to choose "3" I believe. (I'm hoping to stay around $300).Thanks again, Tim
When and Where
Location Raleigh, 27617
Start Time Sun. Mar 06 at 1:30pm
When Posted Friday, 03/04/16 06:54pm
Awarded Sweepers
Tyler D.
Rating: 4.96 (159)
Enrique V.
Rating: 4.97 (30)
Tyler D. (Rating: 5) Excellent. Great job. Great attitude and great hustle. Good luck in his FBI aspirations!
Enrique V. (Rating: 5) Excellent as well. Friendly, work hard, pleasant guy. Both work well as a team. He forgot his red sweatshirt at my house!Pass that along to him?

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