Pricing Components

Hourly Rate

Varies by category. Get your specific pricing estimate by entering your job info risk-free at the Post a Job form.

Travel Charge

Travel fees are charged based on the location of the job and if travel is needed as part of the job. Check if a fee applies to your address at the Post a Job form.


Sweepers can provide pickup trucks, lawn mowers, toolkits, and more equipment for a fee. Equipment options appear when posting your job.


Reimbursements for approved on-the-job expenses that Sweepers incur.

Payment FAQs

One Hour Minimum

Sweeps has a one hour minimum charge per Sweeper. Beyond that the rate is charged to the nearest 15 minutes. You will have a chance to review time sheets and your invoice once the job is completed.

Credit Card Requirement

Sweeps requires a credit card to post a job. We do this for safety reasons and to ensure payment. Credit card information is not stored on our servers and is managed by a secure third-party, Stripe.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel or reschedule your job at any point. If you cancel a confirmed job within 24 hours of its' scheduled start time, Sweeps will charge a 1 hour cancellation fee per Sweeper.

Easy, Cashless and Secure Payment

Payment is handled securely online once a job is completed, so there is no need for cash on the job. You'll have the chance to review time sheets before payment is processed.

Sweeps Gives

As a part of our mission to foster a beneficial community, Sweeps offers discounted and free services to deserving families and non-profits. If you or someone you know could use help, get in touch.


Tips and gratuity are not expected, but are greatly appreciated by Sweepers. You can tip your Sweepers in cash or during online checkout.