John A. 2 Sweeper Level

4.8 (16 jobs, 10 reviews)


North Carolina State University, Agricultural Mechanics and Equipment/Machine Technology

I have plenty of experience in moving, construction, and yard-work.


Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Virtual, Durham


I am in involved in the school of Agriculture at NC State.


Moving I am highly experienced. I have worked for two moving companies and done moving work for various businesses.

Cleaning I helped clean as a bus boy at a restaurant


Hand Truck My hand truck is gray.

Pickup Truck I have a Ford F250

Moving Pack I have a moving pack.

Cleaning Pack Windex, all-purpose, mop.

Lawn Mower I have a Honda.

Power Drill I have a Drill.

Moving Blankets and Straps I have both.

Level I have a level.

Ladder (Do not use) I have several sizes.

Leaf Blower I have a red leaf blower.

Rake I have a red rake.

Snow Shovel I have a blue snow shovel.

Tool Kit Used to do construction work.

Weed Trimmer I have a Weed Trimmer.

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| 5 | Cleaning in Raleigh

Marylou G. John was great!

| 5 | Moving in Morrisville

Elizabeth T. John helped make quick work of moving on a very hot morning.

| 5 | Moving in Durham

Marty S. Walker I was a huge help today.

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

Steven F. On time. Works hard. Good dude. Did a really great job helping us move. Thanks!

| 5 | Moving in Cary

Sarah L. We are so grateful for your help! Thank you so much for helping us get settled in our new home!

| 3 | Moving in Morrisville

Stephen A. Good worker but tried to charge for time not worked.

| 5 | Moving in Holly Springs

Ricky L. Showed up on time and was very friendly. Jumped right in and got the job done. Also knew how to pack truck. He was a life saver today.

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

Zach K. John did a great job I would use him again in the future.

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

Izcander F. John was awesome!

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

Bo S. Great job, friendly, got it all moved in no time