Dalia M. 2 Sweeper Level

4.83 (8 jobs, 6 reviews)


University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Music

My work history is babysitting and I used to be a cashier, though I'm a fast learner at almost any task. I'm a freshman at UNC majoring in psychology and music. I'm also a soccer player.


Chapel Hill, Virtual, Durham



Moving I can do any moving as long as instructed on what to do. My car has a lot of storage space.

Cleaning I am a thorough cleaner.

Events I would be happy to help with setup or cleanup.

Odd_jobs I love doing odd jobs! Gives me something interesting to do. I also love pets.

Tutoring I can teach middle school math and AP Music Theory.


Cleaning Pack Have all products.

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| 5 | Moving in Goldsboro

Chelsea C. Dalia was a really hard worker and excellent at storage configuration. Would definitely recommend.

| 5 | Odd_jobs in Chapel Hill

Laura W. Dalia's a great sweeper---friendly, prompt, and pitches in any way necessary!

| 5 | Yard in Chapel Hill

Laura W. Great sweeper! Arrived promptly and did a great job with the leaf build up in my back yard.

| 5 | Yard in Chapel Hill

Laura W. Dalia is a dedicated sweeper, and did a thorough job of tidying my front yard. Love to have her help again!

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Steve H. Dalia arrived on time and did a great job!

| 4 | Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Jo-anne E. Dahlia did a good job., and did it efficiently She was easy to interact with, and I would use her again.