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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computational Science

I'm a medical student at UNC, looking for a little extra income! I have a serious appreciation for hard sciences, I am also an avid reader and writer, and I've been singing since I could speak.


Chapel Hill, Virtual


In college, I participated in an a cappella group, a sorority, and regularly took yoga. As for jobs, I have been a research assistant in two labs, a host in a restaurant, and an administrative assistant to a professor. I've also been a member of the student-faculty committee on Academic Performance, an EMT on MIT-EMS, and an associate advisor to freshmen.


Cleaning I worked in a restaurant for some time and some of my daily duties included ensuring that the bathrooms and front of house were clean and welcoming to guests. I'm also just a neat person, and I grew up with two messy brothers, so I've always been the one to clean our bathroom and living areas.

Events During college, I was treasurer for my a cappella group and helped plan budgets for all events each semester. Additionally, I spent time working as Music Director, who is responsible for coordinating everything to schedule our final performance each semester. In my sorority, I was Pref Day Food Chair, so I pulled recipes and organized a committee to feed about 150 people while staying within a tight budget and time frame.

Yard My family has a backyard that I have, at one point or another, been responsible for leaf-blowing, mowing, watering, and planting. When I lived at home, I regularly gardened, growing herbs, flowers and vegetables, as well as weeding.

Organizing I've worked as an administrative assistant for several different people, from professors to small business owners, and I've done everything from developing filing systems and answering phones to database and website upkeep.

Tutoring I taught an AP biology class with a friend of mine our junior year of college, building a curriculum, structuring class time, and writing assignments and exams. We spent a lot of time outside of regularly scheduled class time answering student's questions via email and office hours, as well as the occasional one-on-one meeting.

Tech I'm comfortable with programming (I've never done web design, so I'm not qualified for jobs in that field unless training is included), and experienced with all things Microsoft through classwork and admin jobs.

Odd_jobs I love to read, write and edit, so I'd be happy to help anyone who is looking for a proof-reader. My family has dogs, and I miss them, so I'm always happy to dog-sit or dog-walk!


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Lorraine O. easy to work with

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Lorraine O. Great picture. Pleasant and great worker

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Janice F. Wonderful cleaner. Nice young woman.