Kyndra K. 3 Sweeper Level

5.0 (38 jobs, 11 reviews)

Campbell University, Social Work

I am currently a student at Campbell University with a double major in Social Work and Psychology. I am very passionate about international adoptions and the whole adoption system and hope to work with it after earning my Master's in Social Work. I also love music and have been playing the guitar for almost three years now and I enjoy doing volunteer work and traveling when I can.


Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Virtual, Durham


Leadership team for FCA, Social Work club, Psychology club, various intramural teams (volleyball, soccer, basketball, and softball), and currently a volunteer for Liberty Hospice.


Events Have a professional bartending certification, alcohol service training, and a barista fundamentals training.

Organizing Very organized person and have done volunteer work in high school helping to organize people's homes.

Tutoring Basic guitar lessons, math tutoring, or SAT prep tutoring.

Odd_jobs Have completed many odd jobs through Sweeps in the past.


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| Yard in Raleigh

Kristen T. Fabulous work!

| Odd_jobs in Chapel Hill

Sharon E. Painted my deck very carefully. Terrific job - very easy to work with!

| Cleaning in Raleigh

Mia R. Kyndra was in need of too much guidance from my mother, says my mother. In other words, again as mother said, "She was so innocent and sweet, I felt like I should be doing the work. She didn't know how to do anything." Well, let's just chalk this one up as, we need someone a bit more ambitious and take charge! :-)

| Tech in Cary

Lisa B. Kyndra got the job done and was outstanding. She got to work right away and in no time got the task accomplished. I would definitely hire her again and recommend her to anyone.

| Events in Cary

Heather A. Kyndra was very positive, upbeat and showed up on time!

| Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Brianna M. She was very easy to work with and to communicate with! Thanks so much Kyndra

| Events in Durham

Betsy M. Kyndra was super. She was a wonderful hostess, greeter, and cook. Did a great job on clean up also. So glad I was able to have her help me with my party.

| Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Betsey W. Kyndra and Nicole worked hard without any supervision. They completed the garage organizing and cleaning job quickly and efficiently; they also moved a heavy plant inside which was not part of the job description. I like that they were willing to do the extra thing to help. Thank you for doing a nice job!

| Cleaning in Durham

Julie J. Kyndra arrived right on time, took note of all my requests, and worked quickly and efficiently. Now my house is gleaming and ready for the holidays!

| 5 | Events in Durham

Chris H. Quieter but determined.

| 5 | Events in Chapel Hill

Amanda A. Helpful, hard worker