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University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Computer Science

I'm currently a Computer Science and Business double major at UNCCH. I have always had a knack for technology and have held tech positions for over a year now. My tech interests mostly lie with Apple products but as I learn more programming skills I have broadened my horizons. I love puzzles and some might say I'm too much of a problem solver. Overall, I'm always up for learning something interesting or facing a challenge!As bit more of a personal bit, I love to travel. I have seen a good a bit of the world already and can't wait to see the rest! I also love music festivals and attend Shakori Hills every year!


Chapel Hill, Virtual


Currently an Apple Tech at the Apple Store at Southpoint in Durham. I am also treasurer for Carolina THINK, an undergraduate entrepreneurship club, and am on the Environmental Affairs Committee for Student Government.


Moving I have helped my two older sisters move at least a dozen times as well as having moved three times myself. I have an extremely spacial mind and am extremely creative, and good, at figuring out the best way to move difficult objects.

Cleaning Growing up my mother ran a tight ship. Mondays were sheets, Tuesdays were bathrooms, Thursdays were towels, and Saturdays was rooms. While I loathed her strict regimen growing up I sure have grown to appreciate the extremely extensive and meticulous cleaning skills she passed on to me; from a messy kitchen to a disorganized room to a dirty bathroom - I know how to clean it all.

Events I have always been extremely involved in school outside of academics. This has resulted in me becoming very accustom to putting on events that attract people and go smoothly, which lead to me picking up a job as the pool events coordinator at the Raleigh Racquet Club while I was one of the swim coaches there.

Yard While my mom reigned over the inside of our house, my dad's domain was the yard. Not surprisingly, my dad ran just a tight a ship as my mom [see Cleaning Endorsement]. Again, while I hated it growing up, once you're on your own you realize how nice it is to know the most efficient way of doing a lot yard work tasks such as edging, mowing, blowing/raking leaves, power washing, and clipping.

Organizing I'm a born and raised perfectionist, so I usually take organization to a whole new level. I view organizing as a puzzle. The prize is to find the most efficient and effective way possible to organize an assortment of things so that they are easiest for you to access when you need them, most pleasing to the eye, and simple to understand.

Tutoring I have a very strong passion for teaching. Honestly, if there were more money it I would probably pursue it as a career. Seeing the lightbulb go off is a priceless moment and makes me feel like I've really added to someone's life. I have had a ton of experience tutoring many subjects, mostly in math and science, and also with technology, especially any and all Apple products. I'm extremely patient and very good at explaining things in different ways until the full understanding has been grasped.

Painting I've only painted 4 rooms in total, but 3 of those have been within the past 4 months so I feel very comfortable in the area. 2 of these rooms were simple solid color wall projects, but I have also done my room with murals on each wall that join together very cohesively.

Tech I've been providing in-house tech help to my family since I was 8 years old. By 13 I had far surpassed my parents and have since then been able to work for both the on-campus Apple Repair shop, but also at an Apple Store itself as a Service Specialist. I have been trained very extensively on Apple products as well as on how to teach others how to use them. I am also able to work with almost all other technology including, TVs, WiFi, appliances, etc.

Odd_jobs In addition to organization, I also have a keen eye for the aesthetic and can help with design projects either home or something else.


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| Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Heidi K. Nic was friendly, energetic, and did an absolutely fantastic job of cleaning. Would hire him again anytime.

| Odd_jobs in Chapel Hill

Laura W. Nic couldn't be more helpful--gets my groceries, goes to the post office to mail out packages, runs errands, and walks my dog, who adores him. A real credit to Sweeps!

| Odd_jobs in Chapel Hill

Laura W. Nic continues to be an amazing "power" Sweeper! Sammy adores him!

| Tech in Durham

Martha M. Nic was great. I had to reschedule the job once and he was very understanding. He called to let me know that he would be a few minutes late. Once here, he got right to work and knocked out a couple of jobs in no time.

| Cleaning in Carrboro

Catherine D. A+++ !!!

| Odd_jobs in Chapel Hill

Laura G. Smart, and responsible, plus entertaining! He completed data entry work that involved a lot of sorting and organizing. He caught on quickly and really did the work in very reasonable time I enjoyed working with Nic and would definitely hire him again.

| Organizing in Raleigh

Kay B. Nic could not have been a better choice for the work to be done. He was cordial, efficient, had a good sense of humor--one of my requirements-- and helped me stay on task. I recommend Nic highly! Would certainly request Nic again!

| Odd_jobs in Chapel Hill

Kathleen M. Very hard worker and resourceful problem solver. Great job!

| 5 | Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Julianne H. Arrived on time, completed job well with little guidance.

| 5 | Moving in Durham

Amy V. Great and funny!

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Lynn H. Great job! Arrived early, responded promptly. Another job well done.

| 5 | Cleaning in Carrboro

Catherine D. Nic is terrific!

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Eric H. Great meeting you Nic. It was fun talking about our shared stories about Kenan-Flagler. Good luck in your business degree and always have fun in between studies. Have a great year! Eric

| 5 | Events in Durham

Lauren W. nic was ABSOLUTELY incredible!!! our party could not have happened without him!

| 5 | Odd_jobs in Chapel Hill

Leila E. Nic was our hero! Did wonderful work. Was just fantastic

| 5 | Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Nancy K. Great work by the energetic Nic! He did a wonderful job cleaning my screened porch and porch furniture, which now looks inviting again. Nic has good problem-solving skills and initiative, too, and doesn't need much direction. I recommend him!

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

Arup S. Nic is very polite person. Worked very efficiently and on time. Thank you.

| 5 | Odd_jobs in Durham

Linda L. Very Nice and and packed so much stuff. Thank you!!!!

| 5 | Odd_jobs in Pittsboro

Ellen F. Right on time, helpful and courteous.

| Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Michelle M. Great job!

| 5 | Cleaning in Durham

Michelle O. great, hardworking

| Odd_jobs in Pittsboro

Lorraine O. excellent

| 5 | Tech in Emeryville

Gail S. Terrific!

| 5 | Yard in Pittsboro

Ellen F. Thanks Nic! Hot, dirty work...but you did it all without complaint.

| 5 | Tech in Chapel Hill

Karen N. He was on time, and exceeded my expectations. He asked the right questions and was able to fix problems and offer insight for other tech issues related to my initial questions. And he was patient with my horrid keyboarding skills.

| 5 | Tutoring in Chapel Hill

Allie S. success!

| 5 | Tutoring in Chapel Hill

Allie S. 2 thumbs

| 5 | Tutoring in Chapel Hill

Allie S. result!

| 5 | Tutoring in Chapel Hill

Allie S. thanks!