Blake G. 2 Sweeper Level

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Western Carolina University, Physical Therapy/Therapist

I am a new graduate from the University of Toledo in Ohio with a degree in Exercise Science for Pre-Physical therapy. I am now in pursuit of a Doctorate of Physical therapy degree from WCU.


Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Virtual


I am currently involved in a program called Delay the Disease where we provide physical therapy for people with Parkinson's Disease. I am also involved in a club called The Bridge as we are bridging the gap between the community and the university by sitting down with members of the community that are down on their luck to hear their stories and give them something to look forward to. I am group leader for a program called Perceptual Motor Development Clinic where we provide activities to help improve motor skills with autistic children. Another organization I am involved in is our campus' Physical Therapy Association where I was voted Vice President. I am also a Supplemental Instruction Leader for Anatomy and physiology.


Moving I have worked for sweeps for 4 years.

Cleaning Cleaning would not be a problem for me as I am always willing to take on a challenge. I feel that there is no mess that I would not be able to improve. Once I begin a job I am sure to do my absolute best and become very particular on how my finished work is presented.

Events Though I have not set up events before I would consider myself a personable person that would be willing to help in completing such task.

Yard I have worked an various yard projects on neighbors' houses and my own including: Mulching/Edging, Mowing/Fertilizing, seeding, and Moving/Hauling rocks. As a pool was installed into our backyard, an incredible amount of yard work was needed to be done in order to patch and improve the yard around it. I truly enjoy being outdoors and breaking a sweat to complete a project that improves a landscape.

Organizing I would consider myself an organized person. The significant organizing projects I have been involved consist mainly of garages. Completing an organization task is very rewarding to me as it can declutter the mind as well.

Tutoring I would be available to help anyone who may need extra assistance in the fields of Biology, Psychology or mathematics such as Algebra and Geometry. I have received an A in these collegiate classes. I made President's list last semester and would be able to give tips and and advice to individuals on how to do well in college.

Painting I would consider myself a beginner painter; however, I am a fast learner and would be able to pick up

Tech I am fairly knowledgeable with apple and Microsoft products and would be able to help with simple problems. Though, my ability to help with complex problems may vary depending on the issue at hand.

Odd_jobs I have worked on various vehicles of all types. These projects have included replacing inner/outer tie rods, steering stabilizer links, shocks/struts, water pump, spark plugs, distributor/distributor caps. I have also worked on simpler projects such as: changing brake pads, rotors and oil.


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| 5 | Moving in Greensboro

Devin H. Very helpful

| 4 | Moving in Charlotte

Paul A. Very willing to work and very responsive to directions.

| 5 | Moving in Greensboro

Lee W. Blake showed up and got right to work. Really appreciate his great attitude.

| 5 | Moving in Winston-Salem

Alison B. Blake was exactly what I was looking for. He worked well with Isaac and my friends who were helping me move. He worked quickly and efficiently, which I found very impressive, considering he was being paid by the hour. Together, he and Isaac had no issue moving any of my furniture - I was very pleased! I highly recommend Blake.

| 5 | Moving in Greensboro

Valerie S. Extremely respectful and a diligent worker. Would definitely hire him again.

| 5 | Moving in Durham

Stephanie S. Great team player! Did an outstanding job! Very hard worker and great attitude! Thanks for helping us move!

| 5 | Moving in Greensboro

Ana H. Blake arrived on time, was very helpful, polite, thorough. More than willing to help. Proactive and brought experience to the task

| 5 | Moving in Elon

Whitney W. Great attitude and hard worker! Did everything I needed and more quickly than I expected.

| 5 | Moving in Hillsborough

Joyce L. Blake was so great - couldn’t have asked for a better mover

| 5 | Moving in Durham

Katie R. Awesome job! Very friendly and very careful with our belongings.

| 5 | Moving in Asheville

Michael A. Did everything that was asked of him, and worked well on the job

| 5 | Moving in Sylva

Ellen O. Blake was a responsible, capable, and careful worker. He arrived early and cheerfully helped unload our Pod. We were more than happy with how he helped us!

| 5 | Moving in Asheville

Lisa S. I can’t say enough about how amazing Blake is!! He and Shane worked so well together and were very courteous and attentive. There were quite a few family heirlooms and they took such good of them, treating them as their own. They could tell we wouldn’t be finished in the time that was booked, so they offered to stay longer to be sure we were taken care of. There were a few large pieces of furniture we were giving to the other residents in the complex. (This is a complex for the elderly where my Aunt resides.) Blake and Shane went above & beyond, taking these items to the residents and making sure they were in place before leaving. They are truly a huge asset to your company and we cannot thank them enough for all of their help. We would have been lost without them!! Five stars are not enough for these guys - they get 10!!